JCMS “Lock Box”

Lock Box Exercise

Escape rooms like Locked and Key Quest are all the rage right now.  Escapees use logic and clues to solve puzzles in order to escape.  In Mrs. Buckland’s seventh grade language arts classroom this week, students took on the role of detective using collaboration and problem solving skills to open all of the locks on the Breakout box.  Students recently finished reading the novel The Outsiders, so to test their knowledge of the novel, they took on the challenge of The Outsiders breakout from Breakout.edu.  Using clues provided, students solved puzzles which led them to codes that opened a variety of boxes, bags and locks.  Clues took students to the library and on searches around the room and through their books.  Once students solved all of the clues, they opened the last lock and successfully broke out.  Their successes were recorded with pictures saying they “broke out”.

One student commented, “I like the breakout because it teased my brain.  It made me try harder” (Shane Moreno-McWilliams)

Students were very enthusiastic about the breakout and enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with one another. The Breakout was a great way for students to test their knowledge of the novel in a fun and engaging way. Many students commented that although the challenge was difficult, it was a fun way to review the novel and test their skills.

“I liked that we were all working together, having fun, and thinking”, one student commented.  (Lindsay MacNaughton).

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