Middle Schoolers Enrolling In High School

Middle Schoolers Laughing with Each Other

Middle school students will be bringing home enrollment paperwork for high school this week! It is an exciting time for them, moving to the Freshman Success Academy, a start to their Career Pathway at the high school. The paperwork they will bring home includes class descriptions and selection forms as well as a description of community service hours that they will begin to log as a high school student. Each high school student is required to complete 24 credit hours. Mandatory classes include English I, Algebra I, Physical Science, and Success 101. Students will have the opportunity to choose electives for their freshman career such as Web Design or Strength and Conditioning. They will also be required to complete 35 service credit hours, or community service. This may be with any number of businesses or volunteer organizations around the community. Another requirement will be to join a club or sport during their high school career. This enrollment paperwork will designate how they begin their journey at Junction City High School in August. Help your middle school student to choose their curriculum and lead the way for the graduates of 2022!