Author Alane Adams Visits JCMS

Alane Adams Speaking to Students

The following article was written by a student at JCMS.

Who is Alane Adams? Alane Adams is a woman who loved writing since a young age but her family didn’t see it as practical profession. She was born in a town called in Whittier, California. So when she graduated high school instead of pursuing a career in writing or journalism she got a degree in accounting. She went to the University of California and pursued an English major. The only reason she did it was because her family wanted her to join the family business. She had a very successful career in accounting but she would still get the itch to want to write. She left her family business in 2008 and after doing this she pursued a master’s degree in Diplomacy. In 2009 she was offered a position at Chapman University where she would spend the next five years. Her son was the one that pushed her to write and keep writing.  The first book she wrote was “The Red Sun” it was for her son and when he read it he asked her the next one is where. He didn’t even say thank you that’s all he said and from there she ended up making a series of books. She says that in order to have a good book you need to read others writer’s work to become creative enough to write a book. To finish a book in good timing you need to set goals even when you can’t right still try. A good book can’t be predictable and a source of good conflict makes a great book. A good book also needs good sequence but if you want a sequel to the last book the good guy can’t die. With the good guy dying it doesn’t really cause for anymore more conflicts.

She wrote “The Egg Thief” a book about a boy named Georgie in the 1920s going on adventures with a stray dog named Buster. She has also wrote “The Coal Thief” a book about a boy named Georgie in the 1920s in Pennsylvania and Georgie and Harley go on adventures to find black gold. She has also wrote “The Santa Thief” about Georgie wanting new skates but he knows Santa isn’t coming to his house this Christmas. She has also wrote a series of 3 books about Fantasy. The introduction of the series is called “The Red Sun” and it’s about a boy named Sam Baron has magical powers and goes into different dimensions and different worlds. The next book in the series is “The Raven God” is about a Sam and protecting Orkney from evil people. The last book in the series is “Kalifus Rising” in this book Sam releases the curse of the red sun but no has another issue because he is now in prison by Catriona. This series is a lot of gloomy, mysterious places that can be scary but exciting at the same time. When people read they get attached without even knowing because it’s good to have a character that people can connect to, and with doing this the reader can fully know the character things they do. She believes that it’s an author’s job to make their readers optimistic and not to be doubtful. She tries to appeal to everyone so she makes picture and adult books.  Determination comes within yourself if you want something you have first knowing and then you can do it. No matter how big or small your aspirations are go for them keep progressing. You can be anything if you put your mind to it and have determination.  Even though her family did not support her aspiration of writing she was determined and she became a great writer. She can show us all that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

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