JCMS 5th Grade Mentor Program

JCMS students welcoming 5th graders

The following article was written by Ah’Marianah Stroman, an 8th – Grade student at JCMS

5th Graders are soon to become 6th graders and they are depending on this school and its mentor program to help them in their transition. 6th grade can be a hard transition, but after a while, it becomes easy.  Navigating the hallways, classrooms, and lunchroom can be scary. Learning how to keep up with all of your classes including having multiple classes in one day, and it can be very tricky to stay on top of all your missing work.

I had the opportunity to be a mentor for incoming 6th graders. We met them as they came off the bus and greeted them to our school. We split into smaller groups and took them on a school wide tour. We were able to go into the encore classes and allow them to see first-hand what happens in these classes, including PE. We introduced them to various people in the building and explained programs we have like renaissance and activities and sports they may join in 7th grade.

For those of us who were mentors when our own 5th-grade teachers visited, it was an opportunity to catch up with them and show them how we have grown.  It is always nice to have those who have been a part of our lives see how we can be mature young adults and be examples for the future generation of middle school students.

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Welcoming 5th graders
5th graders in Orchestra
5th Graders talking to JCMS administrators.
JCMS Students with a former teacher