Off-Season Information

Wildcat Football

2022-2023 off-season information

If you are interested in playing football, check out our page on Schoology!

Access code: NQP8-2N8J-FRK9R 

For more information, you can check out these options:

            JCMS athletics website: Athletics – JCMS (

            JCMS Facebook page:

Offseason Pts. Challenge: Throughout the offseason prior to the beginning of football season, you can work to earn points towards rewards when the season begins. The more points you have the better the reward will be. Those with the highest number of points will get to choose their jersey numbers and equipment first. YOU MUST EARN AT LEAST 45 POINTS TO ABLE TO APPLY TO BE A CAPTAIN.

Earning Points: You will be able to obtain up to 40 points for physical preparation and another 40 for mental preparation. Activities must be completed prior to the first day of practice in August. All resources and forms will be on the JCMS football page.

Physical Preparation: (Max 40 points)


  • Participate in one of the three winter sports (basketball, bowling, or wrestling), 5 points
    • Must be signed off by Coach Gray, Laughlin, Proietti, or Manning
  • Participate in two winter sports (extra credit), 3 extra points


  • Participate in a spring sport (track, tennis, or golf), 5 points
    • Must be signed off by Coach Davis, Gray, or the head tennis coach


  • Attend 80% of summer football practices: 5 points
  • Attend 80% of summer strength and conditioning sessions: 5 points
  • Attend all of the fall sports conditioning sessions in August: 2 points


  • Play on a travel/YMCA team for any active sport: 3 points
  • Be enrolled in a strength & conditioning class: 5 points
  • Complete 10 individual football workouts (should be done in a group): 3 points.
  • Run at total of 24 miles: 2 points.
  • Complete a total of 12: 30-minute anaerobic exercises (running/HIIT/Tabata workouts): 2 points.

Mental Preparation: (Max 40 Points)

Academics (can only earn one per semester, which means you could earn these twice a year)

  • Maintain a 4.0 GPA: 10 points
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA: 5 points
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA: 1 point

Behavior (can earn on per semester, which means you could earn these twice a year)

  • No level 2’s or higher: 5 points
  • Two or less level 2’s: 2 points
  • No level 3’s: 1 point


  • Ask a teacher to write you a letter of recommendation. Send it to Coach Janner once it is complete: 5 points
  • Individual Athlete Conference (Schedule with Janner before school, C 107): 3 points
    • We will reflect about the previous season and goals and areas of focus for this year.
  • Attend the fall sports meeting: 2 points

Keeping Track of Points: Points will be entered on the Schoology group. When you complete an activity, fill out the form either online and submit it, or fill out a physical form and submit a clear picture.

Important Information for the season:

  • First day of practice is on August 15th @ JCMS
  • Prepare between now and August. The better physical shape you are in and the more time you will get on the field, the better off you’ll be.
  • To register to play football you must go to
    • You must submit all necessary information and a physical completed after June 1st to play
    • Get you physical done ASAP
  • We will go over specific information about the season at the sports meeting in August

Workout Ideas: Go to the Schoology Group and Look at the Resources!

“The difference between what a person is and what a person wants to become generally lies in the amount of work they are willing to put in.” – Gary Curneen

Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Coach Janner’s Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]