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Lead Coach: Curtis Gray

Assistant Coach: Judy Sanner

Practice starts March 21st!

The purpose of the instructional golf program at JCMS is to provide the students the opportunity to
experience the game of golf in a non-competitive environment. Participants will learn general rules of the
game and proper golf etiquette. The majority of the time participates will be on the driving range and the
practice green learning to hit the ball and learning to chip and putt. Everyone will get the opportunity to be on
the course and play a few holes of golf.

The school will provide clubs to those who do not have clubs. There is no cost to be out for golf. This is a
great chance to learn a lifelong sport.

We practice at Rolling Meadows Golf Course, other than the first few days of practice. The students will be
buses to and from the course. Golfers are to report to the Milford bus after they pick up their clubs from their
grade level pod room. We will return to school a little before 5:00 each day. Please have someone at the
school to pick your child by 5:00. A coach is required to stay until all athletes are picked up. A list of practice
dates and matches will be given out on the first day of practice.

If weather conditions do not allow for practice, an announcement will be made before school is dismissed
canceling practice.

There is a club available at the course. Athletes will be allowed to make one trip for bathroom/snack purposes
during the course of a practice session.

Regular attendance at practice is expected. Please send a note if your player was sick from school or will not
be able to attend a regular practice or upcoming competition. After 2 unexcused practices your athlete may
be dropped from the team.

Classroom behavior, grades and attitude are just as important as attendance. Intervention Referrals,
academics grade checks and teacher concerns may include:
-player warning
-conference with player/coach
-conference with player/coach/parent/athletic director
-suspension of a match
-dismal from the team

Looking forward to a great season!