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Coaching Staff


Lead Coach: Curtis Gray

Assistant Coach: Melissa Hoyle


Days: Monday- Thursday

Times: Immediately after school-5:30 pm

Thank you for allowing your athlete to be a part of the JCMS Bowling Team. We are looking forward to an exciting season.

Our tryouts and practices take place at JC Bowl (835 South Washington). We will take a bus to and from the bowling alley. At the end of practice, there are two options for picking up your player. They are as follows:

Option 1- You may pick up your athlete at JCMS at 5:30 pm, please be prompt or early for pick up as a coach cannot leave until all students have left.

Option 2- You may pick up your athlete every day from the bowling alley at 5:15 pm. A note must be on file with our athletic secretary (Anna Bradley) prior to the first day of practice. If the plan for pick-up changes (for example-your athlete needs to ride the bus back to JCMS for pickup instead of being picked up at the alley or your athlete needs to be picked up from the bowling alley instead of the school) a dated and signed notes must be given to the coaches to document and accommodate the change.

Regular attendance at practice is expected. Please send a note if your player was sick from school or will not be able to attend a regular or upcoming competition. After 2 unexcused practices, your athlete may be dropped from the team.

Classroom behavior, grades, and attitude are just as important as attendance. Intervention referrals, academic grade checks, and teacher concerns may involve the following consequences:

  • Player warning
  • Conference with player/coach
  • Conference with player/coach/parent/athletic director
  • Suspension of a match
  • Dismissal from the team

During practice, students can purchase snacks/drinks 1 time after they complete their 1st game of bowling. If they choose to buy a snack or drink, they are not to bring those items down into the bowling area.

We look forward to a great season,

Coach Curtis Gray        Coach Melissa Hoyle

*** Your athlete will receive a practice schedule after tryouts. ***