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Boys Basketball

8th Grade coaches: Skyler Manning Assistant: Jaden Bradley

7th Grade coaches: Basil Nevil Assistant: Jacob Berry

Tryouts: December 12th, 13th, 14th

8th Grade Main Gym 3:00pm-5:00 pm                        7th Grade Auxiliary Gym 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm

Junction City Boys’ Basketball Evaluation Criteria

All Paperwork and Physical forms must be registered in “Register My Athlete” in order to participate. Parents will need to go to  and follow the instructions provided.

The Mission for JCMS Boys Basketball:

The goal of the JCMS Boys basketball program is to develop players fundamental skills, prepare them for Highschool level of play, and instill core character values in each young man.

Practice: Practices are normally from 3-5 pm Monday through Friday and occasionally some Saturdays. We will also have optional shoot arounds on Sundays. Athletes will be presented with a schedule for the year with practice times posted if it is a day with no school. All practices will be CLOSED to parents. All players will need to be in the gym by 3:00, then dressed and on the court no later then 3:10. Practice will end at 5:00pm. Parents please be on time to pick up your players. If a player will be picked up late, please let a coach know before practice starts. Practice times could change due to unexpected circumstances. A message will be sent to all parents if practice times need to be changed. We will be using the SportYou App to communicate information this year. We will be practicing over Winter Break. That information will come out once your athlete has made the team.

A and B team: There is an A and B team for both 7th and 8th grade. Players can play on both teams but cannot exceed 6 quarters of play. A team will always play first followed by the B team.

Academics: All players must complete a grade check sheet before coming to tryouts. Players must maintain passing grades through the whole season and the semester before boys’ basketball starts. If a player has a failing grade in a class, they will be given the opportunity to get the grade up prior to the morning of the next game. The grade must be a passing score or an email from the teacher must be sent stating that additional has been turned in to improve their grade. If the grade is not fixed by the morning of the next game, QUARTER OF THE GAME will be missed for each failing grade. Student will also have extra conditioning to do at practice until we get the grades to where they need to be at.

Classroom and School Behavior: Sleeping and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated by any athlete. Any type of disrespect to any staff member including teachers could result in suspensions or loss of playing time as well. It will be an expectation that an apology will be given to the teacher or staff member that was disrespected. Any level 2 behaviors the player will be required to notify the coaches of the incident (ASAP). Any Level 3 behavior referral during the season will be suspension from practice and game on the day the referral was received and evaluated on an individual basis by the coach and Athletic Director as to the student’s further participation in basketball.

Suspension: Any suspension from school means suspension from athletic practice or competition during the suspension.

Attendance: Players must be at practice so that we can build together as a team. Please schedule all appointments around practices and games if you can. For an absence to be considered EXCUSED, a written note from the parent/guardian is needed prior to the absence if possible or 24 hours after the absence has occurred. If a student is absent from school, they will not be allowed to participate in practice or games on the date they are absent.


1st Absence – may result in a one game suspension and parent conference

2nd Absence – may result in dismissal from the team.

Illness AND Injuries: Please report all illnesses or injuries to a coach. It is also helpful for you to tell the coaching staff about the injuries that happen outside of practice so that you do not hurt yourself further. If you get sick at school or during practice, you are expected to notify one of the coaches before leaving. The basketball team will also be following all Geary County School COVID guidelines.

Lockers: Every player will get a locker. Lockers are to be used for a students things only –students are not to be sharing lockers or putting others things in their locker. Please write down your locker combination in a place you can find it so that you do not forget it.

Equipment: You are responsible for all gear that is checked out to you. We will wash school issued items at school throughout the week for you. Fees will be assessed for any lost or damaged equipment one week after the completion of the season.

Parents: Please make sure that you are modeling good sportsmanship and relaying positivity to your athlete. Negativity is a cancer and can take over and ruin a program quickly. We understand that we will make mistakes and not all our decisions will be met with praise. If at any time you have a conflict and would like to speak with a coach, we ask that you wait 24 hours to have a conversation to allow everyone to calm down from the situation. We also ask that you advocate for your student athlete and have them talk to the coach if they feel there is an issue. It should come from the player first not the parent.

Citizenship: Remember you are a role model for our team wherever you go. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are representing your team and our school to the best of your abilities. You should be a positive role model in school, as well as in the community.