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Coaching Staff

Girls Basketball

Tryouts are October 16, 17, & 18  Tryouts.   3:00-5:00   Main Gym

All Paperwork and Physical forms must be complete in “Register My Athlete” in order to participate. Parents will need to go to and follow the instructions provided.

Purpose of the JCMS Basketball Program

Our goal for the basketball program is to teach players the fundamentals of basketball, the importance of teamwork, and the desire to win so they will be prepared for the high school basketball program. 

 Procedure for the Selection of Teams

We will have 8th Grade A/B teams and 7th Grade A/B teams.  We can only keep a limited number of players.  Please respect the tryout process and understand there will be cuts.  Athletes will be evaluated by coaching staff on skills, attitude, effort, behavior, and grades.  Athletes will receive a letter at the conclusion of tryouts, indicating team selections. 

Practice times

Practice will begin at 3:00 and end at 5:00.  Practice and tryouts are CLOSED to parents.  Athletes are to be in the gym at 3:00.  Practice will end at 5:00. Parents need to pick up players promptly at the conclusion of practice.  Please commutate to coaches if you will be late for pick up. 


A and B teams will be determined by the coaches according to skill level and may change anytime during the season.  Some players may play both A and B on the same game day.  


Athletes may be assessed extra conditioning for being late to practice.  This will be performed at the end of practice or during the break time.  Repeated tardiness may result in decreased playing time and possible dismissal from the team.


Attendance is required at all practices for us to be a successful team.  Try to schedule appointments around our practice time. Each time you miss practice, you miss out on valuable lessons and experiences, which hurt the team as well as yourself.  For this reason, these guidelines have been established. 


            1st Absence-may result in a one game suspension and parent conference

            2nd Absence- may result in dismissal from the team


            For an absence to be considered excused, a written note from the parent/guardian

is needed prior to the absence if possible or 24 hours after the absence has occurred


All basketball players will be issued a locker in the athletic locker room.  You are expected to use your locker.  Do not share your locker combination with anyone! 


You are responsible for all gear that is checked out to you.  Fees will be assessed for any lost or damaged equipment one week after the completion of the season.


Please report all illnesses or injuries to the coach.  Please also tell us about the injuries that happen outside of practice so that you don’t hurt yourself further.  If you get sick at school or during practice, you are expected to notify one of the coaches before leaving. 


During basketball you will occasionally miss some of your afternoon classes.  You are responsible for communicating with your teachers to find out what work you will be missing.  Do this prior to our games so that you don’t fall behind.


You are a role model for our team wherever you go.  You should behave in a manner that promotes a positive image for yourself, your team, your school, and your community!

Dress Code

School Rules apply. 

 KSHSAA doesn’t allow any hard foreign objects on the individual player or their uniform.  This includes earrings, necklaces, watches, or hard barrettes. Also certain head bands and an under garments must follow KSHSAA rules.   If you have additional questions please visit with your coach.


If a student receives a Level 2 behavior referral, she needs to notify the coach on the day it occurs.

Any Level 3 behavior referral during the season will be suspension from practice and game on day received and evaluated on an individual basis by the coach and Athletic Director as to the student’s further participation in basketball.

Suspension from school means suspension from athletic practice or competition during the suspension.

Game Day

Please come and support your daughter at all games possible.   If you wish for your daughter to ride home with you from away games an athletic travel consent form must be filled out.  


Any situation not covered by the above rules will be handled by the coaches and Athletic Director.

If parents or athletes have any questions or concerns throughout the season, we encourage you to discuss these with the coaches.  Communication is the best way to solve problems.  We are shaping our student-athletes in a combined effort.  We hope to see you at your daughter’s games!